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    • 8 Sep 2014

    Educational Reactor Measurement and Control Book

    Last week I highlighted an updated book for process control engineers , Tuning and Control Loop Performance, by Greg McMillan. It’s amazing how prolific Greg is, even in his “retirement” over these past several years. I can only aspire ...read more
    • 2 Sep 2014

    Educational Resource for Tuning and Control Loop Performance

    Greg McMillan ISA Fellow Process automation hall of fame member Greg McMillan has nearly completed an updated version of the book, Tuning and Control Loop Performance: A Practitioner’s Guide. It had last been updated back in 1994. You may be familiar ...read more
    • 9 Jun 2014

    Combined Reliability-Centered Course for Instrumentation Technicians

    At a meeting last week with our global consultants, I caught up with Emerson’s Tinh Phan. He shared with me a new course that has been created by the Emerson Educational Services team dealing with how to manage Foundation Fieldbus, HART, and Profibus ...read more
    • 16 May 2014

    Live Classroom Instruction Comes Virtually to You

    Over the past many weeks, we’ve highlighted how communications technologies have made integrated operations, or iOps much more practical. It allows experts to help problem solve over great distances, as if they were at the local site in person. ...read more
    • 24 Mar 2014

    Setpoint Lead-Lag Question and Answer

    I wanted to share this question and answer on setpoint lead-lag, from the Mentoring Engineers discussion group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community. The question: …one of the options you recommend for eliminating overshoot at setpoint changes is using ...read more
    • 17 Mar 2014

    Question and Answer with the International Society of Automation

    As many of you already know, a top organization in the world of automation is the International Society of Automation (ISA). It has grown out of a U.S. organization formerly known as the Instrument Society of America founded in 1945. For those who may ...read more
    • 26 Feb 2014

    Fisher Valve and Instrument Howto Videos

    In an earlier post, Howto Video on Pneumatic Valve Positioner Mounting, I shared the first in a series of “how to…” videos that the Emerson Educational Services team was developing. Apart from this initiative, my subscription on the FisherControlValve ...read more
    • 12 Feb 2014

    Howto Video on Pneumatic Valve Positioner Mounting

    I knew when my son went to YouTube before coming to me when he needed to learn how to tie a tie–that howto videos were valuable, easily discoverable, and broadly used. I’ve share examples such as How To Install Micro Motion 9739 MVD Electronic ...read more
    • 10 Feb 2014

    Engineering and the Olympics: 4 Ways to Win

    Many of the fantastic aspects of the Olympic Games exist with the help of engineering. From stadiums to competition venues, water systems to transportation, engineering has applied skill and expertise to make the Games even better. In fact, the National ...read more
    • 4 Feb 2014

    Wireless Sensor Network Learning Resources

    In an earlier post, Broadcast Range of WirelessHART Transmitters, Craig Abbott provided some technical considerations for a wireless field device network. I wanted to bring extra visibility to a comment from Emerson’s Jonas Berge, whom you may recall ...read more