Prompt Confirmation and Verificiation


I am looking for a bit of help trying to decipher where particular security settings are set specifically with prompts.

I have the scenario where i am issuing a prompt and setting REQDATA1 and REQDATA2 to TRUE, thus requiring confirmation and verification for said prompt.

I understand that  REQDATA1 is considered to be the confirm and REQDATA2 to be the verify user identification. 

I believe that the user lock ACTION_VERIFY is considered to be a SUPERVISOR key used for prompt verification.

I can't however find any detail explaining where the REQDATA1 and REQDATA2 are set up. How can i show or prove that the REQDATA2 is actually a supervisor requirement to answer the prompt?

Any help would be great.



  • In reply to superstec:

    The REQDATA1-5 and REQUEST work together.

    Say you want to send a car to get bananas and Stella from the grocery store.  You can do it two ways.

    Way #1

    REQUEST = send a car (i.e. 3200)

    REQDATA1 = get bananas and Stella (i.e. 1)

    REQDATA2 = getting carded to confirm purchase (i.e. 1)

    REQDATA3 = friend in the car to verify you got it all (i.e. 1)

    Way #2

    REQUEST = send a car to get bananas and Stella  (i.e. 3201)

    REQDATA1 = getting carded to confirm purchase (i.e. 1)

    REQDATA2 = friend in the car to verify you got it all (i.e. 1)

    Either way, you're sending a car to get bananas and Stella from the grocery store (i.e. Batch Executive) that'll require getting carded and a friend making sure you got everything.  The REQDATA specifics aren't as important as the main objective.

    BATCH_ACK_PROMPT is tied to getting carded.  Since the person going has the right already to get it, the confirmation is just to verify some 15 y/o didn't get the list (i.e. DeltaV station logged on but someone else in the control room that doesn't have that right to acknowledge prompts is in front of the screen).

    BATCH_ACTION_VERIFY is tied to a 15 y/o checking.  This action can be the driver as well if that option is enabled, but typically want it to be someone else that is a master at checking bananas and Stella.  The verifier might not have the right to do the action, but have a great skill at checking groceries.

    BATCH_HOLD, BATCH_STOP, BATCH_RESTART, BATCH_START, etc. are different function security locks.  BATCH_ACK_PROMPT is tied to answering prompts through request codes, so the confirmer would have to have BATCH_ACK_PROMPT assigned key.  The confirmer for all the other tick boxes would need to have the user key that each action's (i.e. start/hold/restart/abort) functional security lock assignment.  The BATCH_ACTION_VERIFY is tied to verifying any actions (i.e. prompts/hold/stop/restart, etc).  This could be a supervisor that doesn't have the right to answer prompts/hold/abort batches, but can verify what is going to happen next based on the production schedule.

    That's how I usually understand how all that works.