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    • 1 May 2015

    Avoiding Cooling Tower Unplanned Downtime

    Cooling tower technology used in many industrial processes dates its history back to the 19 th century : Cooling towers originated out of the development in the 19th century of condensers for use with the steam engine . [2] Condensers use relatively cool water, via various means, to condense the steam coming out of the pistons or turbines. This reduces the back pressure , which in turn reduces the steam consumption...
    • 2 Apr 2015

    Improving Reliability via Remote Vibration Analysis Expertise

    If you look through the annual reports of major process manufacturers and producers you don’t have to look very hard to find the word “reliability”. For example, on page 3 of the 2014 ExxonMobil annual report , Chairman and CEO Rex W. Tillerson wrote: Operational Excellence Ensuring the safety and reliability of our operations is fundamental to our business success and a critical challenge that ExxonMobil...
    • 6 Mar 2015

    Formula 1 Racing and Remote Reliability and Performance Monitoring

    The post Formula 1 Racing and Remote Reliability and Performance Monitoring appeared first on the Emerson Process Experts blog. So how exactly does Formula 1 (F1) racing compare with process manufacturing and production? Mike Boudreaux Director, Remote Asset Monitoring and Analytics It’s an interesting question that Emerson’s Mike Boudreaux explores in an Uptime magazine article, Chasing the Checkered...
    • 5 Feb 2015

    Align Predictive Maintenance where Work is Managed

    The post Align Predictive Maintenance where Work is Managed appeared first on the Emerson Process Experts blog. If you’re responsible for reliability in your process manufacturing or production operations, you may have seen the ARC Advisory Group’s report, Proactive Asset Management with IIoT and Analytics . I’ll highlight a few points from the article and from reliability experts around Emerson...
    • 20 Jan 2015

    Early Detection of Impending Pump Failures

    The post Early Detection of Impending Pump Failures appeared first on the Emerson Process Experts blog. Even non-critical pumps in your process can cause spills, vapor clouds, fires and worse. Most of these failure incidents provide warning well in time to solve the problem—if feedback mechanisms are in place for your operators and maintenance personnel. Cranford Johnstone Sales Manager – Reliability Solutions...
    • 6 Nov 2014

    Reliability Advancements over a Generation

    The editors of Maintenance Technology magazine asked me to write a column on technology advancements to improve reliability for process manufacturers and producers. I was excited to be asked and given the opportunity to share some thoughts! Maintenance Technology magazine – September 2014 The article, Viewpoint: Reliability Advancements Over a Generation , highlights some of these advancements. I’ll quote...
    • 23 Oct 2014

    Reducing Equipment Failure through Asset Monitoring

    Equipment failure is the leading cause of unplanned loss of production for most process manufacturers and producers. Critical equipment is typically continuously monitored but often other equipment has been too difficult or cost prohibitive to monito...
    • 23 Oct 2014

    Reliability and Its Bottom Line Impact

    Reliability of your production process equipment impacts the bottom line by maintenance costs, related carrying costs, energy usage, and additional uptime related to equipment performance. Making improvements in reliability require people, processes,...
    • 13 Oct 2014

    Find out the Best Reliability Program at the Emerson Exchange Conference

    One of the things we highlighted in the lead up to last year’s Emerson Exchange conference in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, was the Reliability Program of the Year . The program spotlights process manufacturers and producers’ effective reliability programs. Emerson Process Management and the University of Tennessee Reliability & Maintainability Center will recognize leaders who best demonstrated effective...
    • 23 Sep 2014

    Innovative Uses and Proven Results with HART Digital Communications Protocol

    You may have seen the recent news of the HART Communications Foundation and the Fieldbus Foundation merging to form the FieldComm Group. Ted Masters , President and CEO of the FieldComm Group noted: …the creation of FieldComm Group is an unprecedented more